Highlights of LJB’s 2018

One of LJB’s secrets to longevity is our ability to evolve. As we stride into 2019, our 53rd year, our evolution continues. In 2018, we opened new offices and expanded existing ones, we celebrated collective and individual accomplishments, we networked and educated at events around the globe, and we had some fun. Most of all, […]

LJB Earns Awards from Tilt-Up Concrete Association

Whether you call it tilt-up or tilt-wall, LJB has had a specialized focus on providing structural design for this construction method for 40 years. With more than 1,700 projects, totaling more than 100 million square feet, our team has worked on a large variety of projects types, with unique applications and architectural finishes. We are […]

LJB Designs World’s Largest Tilt-Up Building

It’s no secret that when LJB and Powers Brown Architecture (PBA) work together amazing things can happen. Having already designed the tallest tilt-up building in Texas, the team has now designed the world’s largest tilt-up building, according to the Tilt-Up Concrete Association. PBA served as the project architect and LJB was the structural engineer. The […]

Reaching New Heights With Tilt-Up Construction

In the outskirts of major metropolitan areas, the need for Class A office buildings is high, but available land is scarce. To accommodate this demand, the construction trend is moving to four-, five- and six-story buildings, rather than the lower structures that had once been in favor. Despite the old perception that tilt-up construction is […]

The “Big Box” is Back

It’s no secret that e-commerce has drastically changed how goods and services are exchanged. The move to e-commerce has affected pricing, product availability, and consumer behavior around the world. Now, we can add construction to the list of changes, because e-commerce has created a resurgence in the need for “big box” warehouses. Many e-commerce companies […]

Tilt-Up vs. Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

While pre-engineered metal buildings are commonly touted for their speed of construction and low initial cost, concrete tilt-up offers economical and cost-efficient options to building owners seeking investment grade properties. Tilt-up delivers distinct advantages related to durability and energy efficiency, which translates into long-term cost savings for the life of a building. When evaluating a […]

Tilt-Up vs. Masonry Construction

To some building owners, masonry and tilt-up are about as similar as vanilla and chocolate.  They both offer a hard-wall building option, and the similarities seem to stop there. With the ongoing innovation in architectural applications for tilt-up, though, owners can realize the architectural appeal of a masonry finish with a host of added benefits […]

Tilt-Up vs. Precast Construction

While there are many similarities between precast concrete construction and tilt-up concrete construction, there are also many pointed differences.  Both methods provide the inherent strength and durability of concrete construction, but tilt-up delivers distinct advantages related to design, construction and life-cycle cost. When evaluating a new building, consider the following. Tilt-Up Delivers… Advantage Load-bearing panels […]

How Small is Too Small for Tilt-Up Construction?


At a recent forum with contractors, architects, and developers, someone asked the question: “How small can a building be and still be economically viable with tilt-up?” This is a common question, since tilt-up construction has historically been known as a solution for only big box warehouses. But, as design and construction techniques evolve, contractors are […]

Tilt-Up Project Honored for Natural Appeal

Many building owners want their projects to harmonize with their external environments. Sometimes that’s easier said than done.  For its new headquarters in Kemptville, Ontario, Grenville Mutual Insurance tapped into the architectural flexibility of tilt-up construction to ensure the building fit in with its natural surroundings. The owner’s vision was brought to life with a […]