Making the Air Barrier Argument for Tilt-Up

With the forthcoming changes to the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), air barrier requirements have been a hot topic in the design and construction industry. The requirements are designed to provide a more airtight building and significantly reduce energy waste. The Construction Specifier recently published an article called “Making the Air Barrier Argument for Tilt-Up.” […]

Tilt-Up Protects Against the Zombie Apocalypse

Tilt-up construction vs. zombies

If you believe in the pop culture hype, it’s time to get prepared against the impending Zombie Apocalypse. The phenomenon is actually gaining some legitimacy, with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announcing a “Zombie Preparedness” campaign and military and police personnel training for a worldwide zombie pandemic. With the zombies looming, it’s obvious […]

Zartman and Tilt-Up: A natural transition

The first day of tilting wall panels on a tilt-up project is always exciting. For Zartman Construction, who tilted its first ever tilt-up panels last week, it also marks an evolution of their business. Zartman’s extensive experience with concrete construction and fleet of cranes made for a natural transition to tilt-up construction. To learn tilt-up […]

All LJB divisions focus on safety

Even though June is recognized as National Safety Month, the LJB Safety division focuses on reducing risk and increasing safety all year. And, it’s more than just the Safety division at LJB that makes safety a priority.  It might not be immediately obvious, but our Facilities and Infrastructure divisions also focus on safety in their […]