FAQs on new OSHA Fall Protection Regulations: Vol. 2 – Roof Work

This second entry in our blog series on new OSHA fall protection regulation focuses on common questions related to low-slope roof work. See Volume 1 for information on safe working distance from a roof edge. How do we protect workers when accessing and traveling to a work area on a low-slope roof? From a strict […]

OSHA Fall Protection Violations Increase in 2010

Last week OSHA released its list of top 10 most-cited violations for 2010.  I wish I could tell you that fall protection violations dropped this year, but unfortunately, the opposite is the case.  Of the 94,000 violations in fiscal year 2010, scaffolding again topped the list, with fall protection just behind it at #2. Although […]

OSHA Announces Focus on Hazard Identification

The Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA, Dr. David Michaels, held a public Web chat in late April to discuss the priorities for OSHA at this time.  According to Dr. Michaels, one of OSHA’s primary focuses involves changes to the requirements for hazard identification.  This month, stakeholders for an Injury and Illness Prevention Standard (i2p2) […]