LJB Earns Awards from Tilt-Up Concrete Association

Whether you call it tilt-up or tilt-wall, LJB has had a specialized focus on providing structural design for this construction method for 40 years. With more than 1,700 projects, totaling more than 100 million square feet, our team has worked on a large variety of projects types, with unique applications and architectural finishes. We are […]

Tilt-Up Design Honored for Pushing Height Envelope

With the state’s longstanding reputation for all things “big,” it’s quite a feat to say you’ve designed the tallest tilt-up building in Texas. At six stories, Sierra Pines II now holds this record, officially being the tallest building constructed with load-bearing tilt-up concrete in the state. Last month, the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) – an […]

Reaching New Heights With Tilt-Up Construction

In the outskirts of major metropolitan areas, the need for Class A office buildings is high, but available land is scarce. To accommodate this demand, the construction trend is moving to four-, five- and six-story buildings, rather than the lower structures that had once been in favor. Despite the old perception that tilt-up construction is […]

Pioneering Multi-Story Tilt-Up

In many ways, the traditional building industry has remained the same for decades. The brick and mortar buildings of the 1900s were constructed in essentially the same way as they are today. But, newer building methods—like tilt-up concrete construction—have evolved rapidly. When tilt-up construction was in its infancy, it was used primarily for single-story warehouses […]