Video Reinforces Need for Training, Caution on Roofs

As a fall protection consultant, I hate to hear stories of fall fatalities, since I know how preventable most of these accidents are.  But, the stories are even more difficult to hear when they happen to someone who is well trained and highly safety conscious. These stories prove that even when someone takes a personal […]

Weekly Death Toll Provides Motivation

We can look at fall protection statistics and realize that we still don’t have a handle on properly protecting workers at heights.  But, when you see the faces and read the stories of those who have lost their lives due to falls, the problem really hits home. The United Support and Memorial for Workplace Fatalities […]

Media Frenzy Around One Fall – Not Others

Hearing news and watching footage of the tragic fall at the Texas Rangers baseball game yesterday reminds us of how quickly a fatal fall can happen.  As a father of two sons, it also reminds me about how precious life is.  While this is certainly uncommon at a public sporting event, falls like this happen […]

Why We Do What We Do

Sometimes we get so caught up in the mechanics of fall protection that we forget the real reason why we are so committed to our work.  At LJB, we try to always ask ourselves, “What are we doing to increase safety and reduce risk for workers at heights.”  When I came across an article about […]