LJB Fall Protection Webinars: Quality Training, Less Time

After providing formal fall protection training for more than 15 years, LJB is launching shorter educational sessions via webinars to minimize the time, travel and cost of training. Considering the pace of change in our world, it’s important for professionals to stay on top of the latest trends, regulations and techniques that impact their work. […]

LJB Revamps Fall Protection Training Services

During the past several years, the demand for LJB’s fall protection training courses and educational webinars has increased dramatically.  We feel honored that our clients have entrusted us to help with the important work of reducing risk for workers at heights. We’ve received great feedback on our courses, and our clients have asked for new, […]

Specialized Fall Protection Training Class Designed to Change Behavior

LJB’s philosophy on fall protection training centers on one thing – effective training changes behavior. One of the best ways to ensure that behavior changes after training is to make the class as applicable as possible to the attendees’ day-to-day work. This is exactly what we did recently for petrochemical clients in the Gulf Coast […]

Making Workplaces Safer One Trainee at a Time

LJB is passionate about fall protection training, because we believe that only knowledgeable people can make the life-or-death decisions necessary for protecting workers at heights.  We’re thrilled with the number of training classes we’ve hosted recently, because it means that more people have the tools and knowledge they need to solve fall protection issues before […]

Protecting Airmen from Fall Hazard Risk

When most people think about protecting our military personnel, fall protection isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind.  But, if they aren’t properly protected, airmen can be at significant risk while performing maintenance on aircraft.  To assist the U.S. Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) in increasing safety, as well as compliance with Air […]

LJB Announces Fall Protection Webinar Series

Based on the changing landscape of fall protection standards and related equipment updates, LJB has developed a bimonthly webinar series to help organizations protect their workers at heights.  The remaining topics and schedule for the year are listed below, and you can register by clicking on active links. If you would prefer to be added to our direct […]

The key difference – LJB fall protection training

I have often felt that LJB’s fall protection training is different from some of the other offerings in the industry.  After some conversations at a recent internal continuous improvement meeting, it became clear why our training is so unique.  Our training is different because our goals are more fundamentally aligned with yours—to reduce risk for […]

Good equipment is okay, but good training is best

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve talked a lot about snaphooks.  I’m back to talk about the subject again, but this time, I’m using snaphooks as an example of a larger issue. The ANSI Z359-2007 standards published new requirements for snaphooks – calling for a significantly higher […]

Are Your Competent Persons Really Competent?

Trained competent persons are essential to any effective fall protection program.  OSHA, ANSI and equipment manufacturers require competent persons to identify existing and predictable hazards, train authorized persons, supervise work at heights and inspect fall protection equipment. But, many organizations struggle to measure the knowledge of their personnel in these areas.  Even if management—or individuals […]

Fall Protection Training: Get What You Need – Part II

Many fall protection training programs offered today are highly focused on regulatory requirements or exclusively on equipment. But, the most effective training covers these topics and much more.  When looking for or evaluating training options, it is critical to understand the content of training needed to maintain safety and foster continuous improvement for your fall […]