FAQs on new OSHA Fall Protection Regulations: Vol. 2 – Roof Work

This second entry in our blog series on new OSHA fall protection regulation focuses on common questions related to low-slope roof work. See Volume 1 for information on safe working distance from a roof edge. How do we protect workers when accessing and traveling to a work area on a low-slope roof? From a strict […]

Coming this Summer: New OSHA Fall Protection Regulations

Ever since OSHA proposed updates to its 1910 general industry fall protection regulations in May 2010, I have been encouraging people to read the regulatory language and plan for implementation of new rules. If you haven’t already, the time is now. According to the U.S. Government’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs website, the OSHA […]

A Plea to the President

Now that President Obama is firmly rooted in a second term, there is no time to waste in making good on unfinished business. For those of us in the occupational safety industry, the acceptance of proposed OSHA general industry fall protection regulations is of primary importance. The last time OSHA updated these regulations Richard Nixon […]