FAQs on new OSHA Fall Protection Regulations: Vol. 5 – OSHA clarifications

Many organizations have struggled to interpret some of the new requirements outlined in OSHA’s update to the General Industry Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Equipment Standards (29 CFR part 1910, Subparts D&I). In response to specific questions asked by the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA), OSHA has released correspondence that clarifies two key items […]

FAQs on new OSHA Fall Protection Regulations: Vol. 4 – Assessments II

Following up on Volume 3 in our series, this installment answers additional questions related to the new requirement for conducting fall hazard assessments. When does the assessment need to be complete? Technically, the new regulation became rule in January 2017, so it is theoretically required now. If you don’t have documentation of a compliant assessment […]

FAQs on new OSHA Fall Protection Regulations: Vol. 3 – Assessments I

This installment in our blog series on new OSHA fall protection regulations focuses on common questions related to fall hazard assessments. One of the most significant requirements provided in the new rule is the stated need for the assessment of fall hazards, as outlined in 1910.132(d). It’s important to note that this is an existing […]

FAQs on new OSHA fall protection regulations – Blog series, Volume 1

Now that the new OSHA rule on Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Systems (29 CFR 1910 Subparts D&I) has been out for more than eight months, many organizations are still working to understand and implement required changes to their fall protection programs. Our team at LJB has been working to educate our clients and friends […]

Are You a Good Fall Protection Consumer?

Smart consumers do their homework to ensure they get what they need at a fair price. Even those of us who don’t regularly research and compare will do so for significant purchases—especially if the health or well-being of our loved ones are on the line. If your job involves purchasing fall protection equipment, you need […]

Near-Miss Reinforces LJB’s Core Purpose

LJB’s core purpose is to improve the quality of life. While I truly believe this focus on impacting our world drives our staff, it can also become somewhat abstract in the face of day-to-day work tasks. That is, until it gets personal. LJB’s core purpose got personal for me when I learned about a close […]

More Fall Protection Equipment Doesn’t Equal Better Protection

I recently learned of a market study that indicates significant growth for the North American fall protection equipment market through 2017.  It’s encouraging to think that more workers at height will be protected by this influx of equipment, but more equipment doesn’t necessarily mean safer workers. The research, published by Frost & Sullivan in North […]

Don’t Forget: Fall Protection is not Intuitive

It’s just plain common sense that falling is dangerous, but protecting yourself from a fall doesn’t seem to register the same way in the brain. A worker in a manufacturing plant doesn’t need a lot of instruction to properly use safety glasses or a hard hat, but using a safety harness in a way that […]