Saving Mussels One Project at a Time

LJB's Alex Zelles with Mussels

Did you know that all native mussels are protected in Ohio? Since mussels are protected, scientists must determine the presence or absence of freshwater mussels before any construction activity disturbs a stream or river with a drainage area greater than 10 square miles. When we find evidence of mussels, we must conduct a larger survey […]

The 5 Rs of Environmentalism: Refuse

For the final “R” in our blog series on The Five Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace, Refuse, we have focused this post on ways that you can refuse items to minimize your impact on the environment. Do we really need all this stuff? In the United States, we are bombarded with free stuff from […]

Happy Earth Week from LJB!

This week, we will be releasing a series of posts about Sustainability and how we can all Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refuse. And, anyone local to our Miamisburg, Ohio, headquarters is invited to participate in our Earth Day celebration on April 24 from 11-12:30 p.m., complete with an animal encounter, plant exchange, and vendors to […]

Who Knew? Beets Are a Great Eco De-icer

During the winter, we’re used to rock salt on our cars, our sidewalks and our roads. In fact, the use of rock salt on U.S. roads has skyrocketed in the last 50 years. The USEPA estimates that 11 million tons is used each year. The problem is that all that salt finds its way into […]