LJB Safety Professionals Lead ANSI Standard Committees

The changing landscape of fall protection regulations and standards can make it very challenging for organizations to stay compliant and maintain effective safety programs. LJB is committed to having detailed knowledge of applicable regulations and standards so that we can assist clients to select compliant and practical solutions, while accounting for upcoming changes in equipment […]

ANSI Approves New Standard on Self-Retracting Devices

With the recent acceptance of the ANSI Z359.14 standard, safety professionals will soon have access to detailed guidance on the specification and use of self-retracting devices for fall protection.  The standard, which will be effective and available later this spring, includes information on self-retracting lanyards, self-retracting lanyards with integral rescue capability, and self-retracting lanyards with […]

Discussion on potential extension of force absorber

An interesting discussion recently came up on the ANSI/ASSE SH&E Standards Information Center group on LinkedIn.  With the group leader’s permission, I’m sharing it here to get the information out to more people. The Issue:  OSHA says that a fall arrest system should be designed so that maximum extension in case of a fall should […]