Thom Kramer Recognized for “Advancing Fall Protection Around the World”

For more than a decade, Thom Kramer has been an active participant and leader of the ANSI/ASSE Z359 Committee on Fall Protection. His tireless efforts to improve the standards and educate organizations on the best ways to apply them has led to receipt of the 2017 Thomas F. Bresnahan Standards Medal. According to ASSE, Kramer […]

Are Your Fixed Ladders Compliant with New OSHA Regulations?

Fixed ladders are among the many aspects of fall protection that are impacted by the recently published OSHA 1910 regulations. While the regulation went into effect on January 17, OSHA is allowing time to get your organization into compliance. While some minor changes are required for clearances, rung spacing, step-across distance, and other ladder design […]

Top 5 Reasons to Focus on Fall Protection in 2017

As we turn the calendar to a new year, it’s fitting to make plans for what should be new, improved or different. If safety and risk management matters to you, I highly recommend that you plan to focus on fall protection in 2017. If you’re wondering why, here are five main reasons: OSHA released new […]

New LEED Credit Connects Safety and Sustainability

As we have experienced sustainability transition from an uncommon, specialty concern into a widely accepted expectation for design and construction, LJB’s safety professionals have often wondered, “How can something be considered sustainable if saving human lives isn’t considered?” With the introduction of “Prevention through Design,” to its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Pilot […]

A Renewed Focus on Window Cleaning Safety

New acronym, same goal – to increase safety for window cleaning procedures. It’s one of the most common, yet most challenging aspects of fall protection – since responsibilities lie with both the building owner and the cleaning contractor. What was once referred to as the IWCA I-14.1 committee on window cleaning safety has now been […]

Testing your fall protection systems: Any volunteers?

You can’t judge a book by its cover, and you shouldn’t judge a fall protection system from its appearance either. In the course of our fall protection consulting work, we’ve seen a lot of really bad systems—some that were obviously wrong and some that looked great, but were easily failed. When you require your workers […]

Coming this Summer: New OSHA Fall Protection Regulations

Ever since OSHA proposed updates to its 1910 general industry fall protection regulations in May 2010, I have been encouraging people to read the regulatory language and plan for implementation of new rules. If you haven’t already, the time is now. According to the U.S. Government’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs website, the OSHA […]

Fall protection tops OSHA violations list…again

When it comes to Billboard music charts, BCS standings and most top ten lists, the number one spot is where you strive to be. When it comes to OSHA’s top ten list of violations, the number one spot spells bad news—for employers and workers. For the second year in a row, fall protection has topped […]

Work on Moving Stock: To Protect or Not to Protect?

As fall protection consultants, we have worked hard to understand the often complicated OSHA fall protection regulations. In particular, the documents related to fall protection for moving stock, such as rail cars or hopper trucks, can be very confusing to understand and apply. We want to make sure you don’t get penalized for misinterpretation.  For […]

New Quality Standards for Fall Protection Equipment Testing

Although you hope it’s never needed, fall protection equipment is intended to save lives. Have you ever stopped to think about how that lifesaving equipment is tested? Even if you haven’t, the ANSI Z359 committee has.  In 2011, ANSI published the Z359.7 standard:  “Qualification and Verification Testing of Fall Protection Products.”  Although the document was […]