Introducing Online Competent Person Refresher Training

It’s difficult to retain information if you don’t use it regularly. For this reason, the ANSI Z359 fall protection standards require competent person refresher training at least every two years to stay current with industry requirements. LJB has developed an online self-study course for competent person refresher training to convey important fall protection information in […]

When Lives are at Stake, Don’t Play the Odds

When planning a trip to Las Vegas, most people know that they’ll be playing the odds. Even though they know the odds aren’t in their favor, they play anyway, hoping to be the lucky one. With its upcoming symposium theme, Don’t Play the Odds, the International Society for Fall Protection (ISFP) is challenging people not […]

LJB Fall Protection Webinars: Quality Training, Less Time

After providing formal fall protection training for more than 15 years, LJB is launching shorter educational sessions via webinars to minimize the time, travel and cost of training. Considering the pace of change in our world, it’s important for professionals to stay on top of the latest trends, regulations and techniques that impact their work. […]

LJB Revamps Fall Protection Training Services

During the past several years, the demand for LJB’s fall protection training courses and educational webinars has increased dramatically.  We feel honored that our clients have entrusted us to help with the important work of reducing risk for workers at heights. We’ve received great feedback on our courses, and our clients have asked for new, […]

LJB expertise bolsters Singapore fall protection program

I recently spent a week in Singapore, representing LJB and serving in my role as the president of the International Society for Fall Protection.  I appreciate all the hospitality my hosts showed me during the visit. I was honored to tour a shipyard, a construction site and other locations to observe fall hazards—not unlike what […]

Recalls: Fall Protection Equipment and Standard

Just like any consumer product, fall protection equipment is not immune from manufacturing defects.  LJB has recently become aware of two recent product recalls. Malfunctioning fall protection equipment could result in serious injury or death, so it is important to be aware of these issues. 3M has issued a recall on the THOR family of self-retracting […]

LJB Announces Fall Protection Webinar Series

Based on the changing landscape of fall protection standards and related equipment updates, LJB has developed a bimonthly webinar series to help organizations protect their workers at heights.  The remaining topics and schedule for the year are listed below, and you can register by clicking on active links. If you would prefer to be added to our direct […]

LJB Welcomes Air Force Veteran into Second Career

After serving the U.S. Air Force for 24 years, Bart Craven has joined the LJB safety division as a safety specialist focusing on risk assessments and training. He brings a unique perspective to our work with government clients and adds a broad safety background to our staff.  But, he couldn’t stay away from his Air […]

LJB Hosts Free Webinar on Risk Assessments

Even though regulations and standards talk about the value of fall hazard risk assessments as a critical step in a successful fall protection program, organizations around the world still continue to throw money, time and resources toward the first fall hazard that is brought to their attention. I can’t deny that there’s value in abating all […]

Pre-manufactured Guardrail Systems

Pre-manufactured guardrail systems have been utilized by many of LJB’s clients, as well as specified by LJB for a variety of applications in recent years.  As more of these systems come on the market, it is important to note the limitations for the use of these systems. It is not uncommon to see fall protection […]