Light Cycling: Making Glow-in-the-Dark Sophisticated

As a kid, playing with glow-in-the-dark toys was far from sophisticated.  The “magic” of seeing something transform in the dark was surprising and unexplainable. Today, the same concept is being applied to concrete to create unique and sustainable architectural features. Companies in Germany and Australia are introducing new technologies that capture energy from the sun […]

Design-Build Team Earns LEED Gold on First Project at Ft. Carson

Earlier this month, the McTech–VOA design-build team turned over the new EN Battalion Headquarters – South for occupancy. The new headquarters is the first project completed by the team at Ft. Carson and it earned LEED Gold certification. The two-story 17,755-square-foot new battalion headquarters is the home of the 52nd Engineer Battalion at Ft. Carson. […]

Zartman and Tilt-Up: A natural transition

The first day of tilting wall panels on a tilt-up project is always exciting. For Zartman Construction, who tilted its first ever tilt-up panels last week, it also marks an evolution of their business. Zartman’s extensive experience with concrete construction and fleet of cranes made for a natural transition to tilt-up construction. To learn tilt-up […]