Are Your Fixed Ladders Compliant with New OSHA Regulations?

Fixed ladders are among the many aspects of fall protection that are impacted by the recently published OSHA 1910 regulations. While the regulation went into effect on January 17, OSHA is allowing time to get your organization into compliance. While some minor changes are required for clearances, rung spacing, step-across distance, and other ladder design […]

Video Reinforces Need for Training, Caution on Roofs

As a fall protection consultant, I hate to hear stories of fall fatalities, since I know how preventable most of these accidents are.  But, the stories are even more difficult to hear when they happen to someone who is well trained and highly safety conscious. These stories prove that even when someone takes a personal […]

Addressing Unexpected Fall Protection Needs

Ideally, your organization has an effective managed fall protection program to address the fall risk for your workers at heights.  But, what do you do when an unforeseen fall protection need arises?  Do the right people know what to do when work requires an unexpected need to perform a task at heights?  Unfortunately, most organizations […]