Is “Tough-Guy Mentality” Thwarting Fall Protection Progress?

During my career in the fall protection industry, I’ve heard many excuses about why people don’t use fall protection properly – if at all. Familiar responses are: “Fall protection makes it harder to work” or “It slows down my work.” Another common excuse I’ve heard is that “I just don’t need it.” I used to […]

Fall Protection Accountability Challenges – At Home and Abroad

When a worker on the rooftop of a skyscraper clips a safety harness onto the point that anchors him to the building, there’s a one-in-three chance the anchor itself is unsafe. This unsettling fact comes from an audit conducted by the Working at Heights Association (WAHA) in Australia, which recently sent a call to action […]

Safety Symposium Aimed at Preventing Fatalities and Supporting Families

When I see that the time, resources, and passion that I’ve invested in fall protection makes a real difference for people, my work becomes very rewarding. In late November, I have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned about fall risk to benefit employers, as well as families who have already experienced loss. The reality […]

Where is the Weak Link in Your Fall Protection System?

“It’s only as strong as its weakest link.” This phrase has been used to describe many things, from a team to a process. This is a short way of saying that it takes many parts to achieve success, and a weakness in one area can negate all the strengths in the other areas. I often […]

Are You a Good Fall Protection Consumer?

Smart consumers do their homework to ensure they get what they need at a fair price. Even those of us who don’t regularly research and compare will do so for significant purchases—especially if the health or well-being of our loved ones are on the line. If your job involves purchasing fall protection equipment, you need […]

Testing your fall protection systems: Any volunteers?

You can’t judge a book by its cover, and you shouldn’t judge a fall protection system from its appearance either. In the course of our fall protection consulting work, we’ve seen a lot of really bad systems—some that were obviously wrong and some that looked great, but were easily failed. When you require your workers […]

Coming this Summer: New OSHA Fall Protection Regulations

Ever since OSHA proposed updates to its 1910 general industry fall protection regulations in May 2010, I have been encouraging people to read the regulatory language and plan for implementation of new rules. If you haven’t already, the time is now. According to the U.S. Government’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs website, the OSHA […]

No Fall Protection? You’ll Pay For It

How much financial risk are you facing if you don’t maintain an effective fall protection program?  Probably more than you think. Some organizations say they don’t invest in fall protection because it is so expensive. But, a recent court case shows that it may be even more expensive if you don’t provide fall protection correctly—let […]

Introducing Online Competent Person Refresher Training

It’s difficult to retain information if you don’t use it regularly. For this reason, the ANSI Z359 fall protection standards require competent person refresher training at least every two years to stay current with industry requirements. LJB has developed an online self-study course for competent person refresher training to convey important fall protection information in […]

A Plea to the President

Now that President Obama is firmly rooted in a second term, there is no time to waste in making good on unfinished business. For those of us in the occupational safety industry, the acceptance of proposed OSHA general industry fall protection regulations is of primary importance. The last time OSHA updated these regulations Richard Nixon […]