New Corridor Management Plan Enhances Visitor Experiences

Because the previous plan was outdated, the Kaibab Plateau – North Rim Parkway, which is otherwise known as Arizona Highway 67, needed a new corridor management plan (CMP) to retain and enhance the cultural, historic, recreational, archaeological, natural, and scenic qualities that define the area. This important byway serves as the gateway to the North […]

Who Knew? Beets Are a Great Eco De-icer

During the winter, we’re used to rock salt on our cars, our sidewalks and our roads. In fact, the use of rock salt on U.S. roads has skyrocketed in the last 50 years. The USEPA estimates that 11 million tons is used each year. The problem is that all that salt finds its way into […]

Learning from Yellowstone: How to Apply Sustainable Practices to your Organization

Yellowstone National Park is a revered leader in advancing sustainable practices. LJB’s Jim Evanoff spent 23 years of his career with the National Park Service at Yellowstone implementing a wide variety of innovative green practices.  Some of these practices includeg recycling plastic generated in the park into carpet backing, obtaining hybrid vehicles, and a variety of […]