LJB’s Approach to Wellness is Winning Awards

Team LJB at 2019 DBJ Healthiest Employer Awards-1200For the third time, the Dayton Business Journal has named LJB one of its Healthiest Employers, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

About the Award
The Healthiest Employers awards program recognizes employers that “proactively shape the health of their employees,” explains Dayton Business Journal editor-in-chief, Caleb Stephens, in an article on the publication’s website. “The companies taking part have made a commitment to impact the health of their workplace—and their bottom line.”

The awards program evaluates an organization on its wellness:

  • Culture and leadership commitment
  • Program foundation
  • Strategic plan
  • Communication to employees
  • Engagement strategies
  • Reporting and analytics

Our Approach to Wellness
Spearheading LJB’s commitment to employee wellness is human resource manager, Laurie Iulg.

“From the way we approach our benefits package to the events and programs that our Well-being Committee provides, wellness is ingrained in our culture,” Iulg says.

“Our focus on annual preventive care visits, biometric screenings and health coaching has been key to helping employees and their family members get and stay healthy,” she explains. “It also helps keep our insurance rates steady.”

Iulg knows that wellness involves much more than physical health. The firm’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides a wide range of services to help employees and their family members manage challenges, whether personal or professional. “We don’t want people to have to pay to get the assistance they need,” says Iulg.

“Another key part of overall wellness is one’s financial health,” Iulg explains. “That’s why our firm provides access to a personal financial planner.”

LJB-2019 DBJ Healthiest Employer Awards sign-1200

Employees Engaging Employees
At the Dayton Business Journal’s Healthiest Employers awards ceremony on Sept. 5, emcee Julia Palazzo lauded LJB’s robust wellness program. She said, “A significant percent of the staff participates in the wellness initiatives, including lunch-and-learn programs, reimbursement for exercise-related expenses, and contests, such as its ‘Maintain, Don’t Gain’ challenge and ‘Let’s Just Walk’ program.”

The employee-run Well-being Committee manages many of those initiatives, providing events, resources and communications that promote positive health and well-being.

The “Maintain, Don’t Gain” challenge, for example, encourages employees to keep their health—and waistlines—top of mind during the holiday season. Those who maintain their weight during those weeks of traditionally peak indulgence get a gift card. In 2018, nearly 90% of the challenge participants scored the gift card.

Iulg says the competitive nature of these programs gets people talking more about health and improved lifestyle choices, providing natural motivation.

“I have been thrilled with how engaged our staff has been with our well-being initiatives,” she says. “The participation—and camaraderie that has come with it—enhances our culture, as well as the health of our staff.”

LJB CEO Rod Sommer agrees, adding, “As a firm, we have a singular focus on improving quality of life—and that mission includes our staff. Our wellness program is one of the primary ways we work to support the whole person, and our team is better for it.”


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