LJB Project Manager Gives Back

Tracey Riepenhoff performing a fall hazard risk assessment

LJB’s Tracey Riepenhoff discusses roof fall hazards and fall protection options with a client

LJB project manager Tracey Riepenhoff, P.E., C.S.P., PMP, has led and performed hundreds of fall hazard risk assessments and abatement design projects for LJB clients. It’s meaningful work that Tracey never takes lightly—knowing that her expertise may be the difference between someone safely working at heights and someone suffering a catastrophic fall. But, for Tracey, the work she’s doing to help Bon Secours Mercy Health (BSMH) maintain a safe environment for its workers has more significance than her usual projects.

A number of years ago, Tracey faced a life-threatening illness: a brain tumor. After a year and a half of complicated surgeries and procedures, she was tumor-free, but she needed help to regain her mobility and independence.

Tracey spent a month in Mercy Health St. Rita’s Medical Center’s medical rehabilitation unit, undergoing intensive physical, occupational and speech therapy. “They brought me back to being completely self-sufficient,” Tracey said. “In fact, a year later, I ran in a 7K race!”

Now Tracey gets to use her more than 25 years of experience in fall protection to help BSMH and its workers. To date, she has led LJB’s team in performing fall hazard risk assessments at nearly all of BSMH’s acute and post-acute facilities in the Great Lakes, Atlantic and Mid-American regions. Using the data gathered during these risk assessments, Tracey is working with BSMH to proactively address the top fall hazard risks at these sites.

“It is exciting to be working with an organization that had such a profound impact on my healthy recovery,” Riepenhoff said. “It is always rewarding to know I’m helping protect the lives of workers, but it’s even more fulfilling when I have an opportunity to impact an organization that means so much to me.”

BSMH is the United States’ fifth largest Catholic health care ministry and one of the nation’s 20 largest health care systems, serving the East Coast, Ohio and Kentucky through 43 hospitals and 1,000 care sites.


  1. What an uplifting story! Thanks for sharing your journey, Tracey.

  2. Thank you so much, Dianne. It has been a blessing to work for a great organization like LJB and serve clients such as Bon Secours Mercy Health with a mission of helping others in need.

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