LJB Sustainability Challenge Yields Impressive Results

Last month, following our annual Earth Day celebration, LJB’s Sustainability Committee challenged our employees with a two-week Sustainability Challenge. Our team rose to the occasion and really focused on becoming more sustainable.

Using mobile app Shine by Joulebug, our employees competed in teams to see who could reduce their ecological footprints the most. As shown in the graphic, we produced some impressive results:

  • We reduced 16,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, which equates to filling eight 1,250-square-foot ranch homes.
  • We diverted 1,100 pounds of waste, which equals the weight of a large polar bear
  • We saved 11,000 gallons of water, which is the equivalent of more than 400 showers

The challenge included many different ways an individual could reduce their ecological footprint—such as turning the water off when you brush your teeth, using a reusable water bottle, refusing a lid and straw, or walking/biking instead of driving.  Our team members earned points with each positive action, and even more points (and comments) by posting a picture of the action.

The LJB Houston office took home the team prize and structural engineer Bridget Percel earned the top individual prize.

“This challenge really gave our team an opportunity to see what we can do as individuals and as a company to reduce our ecological footprints,” said Anna Kamnyev, LJB environmental scientist, Sustainability Committee member, and organizer of the challenge. “The challenge was fun and educational, and I believe our team can use the game as a step forward in making lifestyle changes toward living more sustainably.”

Comment below with your favorite part of the challenge, or a simple idea for living more sustainably.


  1. Alex Zelles says:

    Everyone’s photos were hilarious! One of my favorite (and easiest) ways to be more sustainable is using reusable bags, denying a bag in store if I have a single item, or requesting only paper bags.

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