LJB Designs Ohio’s First Greenroads-Certified Project

The State Route 4 and South Gilmore Road/Holden Boulevard intersection improvement in Fairfield, Ohio, is now Ohio’s first Greenroads certified project

As the social, economic and environmental value of sustainability efforts continues to be proven, many communities are looking to implement infrastructure projects that improve that triple bottom line. One such community—the City of Fairfield—has put its commitment to sustainable infrastructure in the spotlight by completing the first project certified by Greenroads in the state of Ohio. LJB was privileged to be the lead designer on the Bronze Certified project—the State Route 4 and South Gilmore Road/Holden Boulevard intersection improvements.

Within the structure of a federally funded safety improvement, the city was able to invest local dollars to build a more economically, environmentally and socially sustainable project. With this project, the city had a unique opportunity to improve safety, traffic flow and quality of life for its residents, while also doing the right thing for future generations.

“I’m excited to continue working with this type of design and construction,” said Fairfield City Engineer Ben Mann. “I look forward to the positive impact it will have on our community in the long term.”

With the Greenroads Rating System, organizations that are committed to safe and sustainable infrastructure now have a measureable way to show success. It recognizes projects that have been designed to a level of sustainability that is higher than what is considered common practice.

The Fairfield project includes several key components that specifically contributed to Greenroads certification. Some of these include the improvement of stormwater quality, the inclusion of Dark-Sky approved fixtures that discourage light pollution, and intelligent transportation systems like countdown and LED pedestrian heads, as well as low-water vegetation. The project improves accessibility of pedestrians and bicyclists by adding new sidewalks and bicycle friendly grates. In addition to these items, the project reused nearly all the existing pavement.

Another unique characteristic of the project is that three of the key project team members—the City’s lead engineer, LJB’s design project manager and the construction project manager for John R. Jurgensen —are three of the first engineers in the state of Ohio to be certified as Sustainable Transportation Professionals (STP) from Greenroads.

You can learn more about this interesting project at the Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference (OTEC) event on October 10 during the 1:30-3 p.m. session in a session titled “Turning Grey Infrastructure Green: Ohio’s First Greenroads Registered Project.”

Click here to learn more about the details of this project.

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