Our 50th Anniversary: A Year of Service

Web header_50thLast year at this time, as we approached our milestone anniversary, we discussed the best way to commemorate our 50 years in business. We have seen many other companies celebrate similar milestones—some with big events, some with historical videos, some with special logos.

We discussed similar ways to recognize our anniversary, but they just didn’t feel right. Finally, we took a step back and looked to the three fundamental core values that guide our firm and its people. Integrity defines us, quality distinguishes us and service fulfills us.

They are not just empty mottos or taglines. We really do talk about them, benchmark our behaviors against them, and try hard to live them each day. I am proud to say that we decided to highlight LJB’s core value “Service Fulfills Us,” by making 2016 a Year of Service. Throughout the year, our team engaged in 50 acts of service for various organizations and worthy causes.

I’m excited to say that we accomplished our goal and completed 50 acts of service this year. This campaign has had a meaningful impact on our team, as well as on the organizations and communities directly impacted by our service.

Although our Year of Service is officially closing, our core value remains the same. Service really does fulfill our team, and we are excited to continue serving our clients, partners and communities in the future.

I invite you to view this short video, as well as our Twitter page (or search #LJB50), for a recap of our 50 acts of service. We hope that our acts of service will inspire you to serve in the coming year.

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