LJB Earns Awards from Tilt-Up Concrete Association

Whether you call it tilt-up or tilt-wall, LJB has had a specialized focus on providing structural design for this construction method for 40 years. With more than 1,700 projects, totaling more than 100 million square feet, our team has worked on a large variety of projects types, with unique applications and architectural finishes.

distinguishedengineeraward_2016We are honored to have received this year’s David L. Kelly Distinguished Engineer Award from the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA), for outstanding design contributions and leadership that advance the application of tilt-up construction. We pride ourselves on working with architects and contractors to innovate design to move beyond what many believe is possible with site cast tilt-up concrete.

“The work of LJB Inc. has opened new doors for the industry. Their great awareness of tilt-up specific construction methodology has led to the development of refreshingly practical solutions for incredibly challenging designs,” said Jeffrey Brown, FAIA, president of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association. “The old adage that engineers aren’t creative types just simply isn’t part of their mission statement.”

In addition to the Distinguished Engineer Award, LJB also received three Tilt-Up Achievement Awards for project designs that used the tilt-up construction method. Since the awards program began in 1992, LJB has received 57 awards—more than any other structural engineering firm.


Stoney Run Farms – Aerial photo during construction

Stoney Run Farms (McGaheysville, VA)

This first-of-its-kind project included two new buildings – a milking facility and a shop. The project includes an open air shelter, a partially enclosed portion with observation mezzanines, as well as load-bearing, non-insulated concrete tilt-up panels and interior load-bearing tilt-up panels to support the mezzanines. The buildings also feature gabled roofs, with a 4-on-12 pitch.

Katy Ranch

Katy Ranch Crossing – Katy, TX

Katy Ranch Crossing (Katy, TX)

This six-story, load-bearing tilt-up office building west of Houston was constructed with a lower four-story panel, and a two-story panel stacked on top, with a total height of 92 feet. The 158,000-square-foot office is vertical in its proportions, and includes sophisticated architectural finishes, including limestone, a metal eyebrow feature, a six-story curtain wall entry feature, ribbed finishes, sunshade elements, and large amounts of glass. LJB also designed an adjacent five-story precast concrete parking structure that includes more than 800 parking spaces, with accommodation for future expansion.

Inova Dry Creek, Phase I (Denver, CO)

LJB provided structural design and detailing for the core and structural shell of this five-story, 220,000-square-foot office building. The project was built using the tilt-up construction method, erected with a four-story panel below and a single-story panel at the top. The facility features a sophisticated architectural look, highlighted by expansive glass. This building is the flagship structure in a new corporate center, and LJB is currently designing a sister four-story building for the same park.


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