Demonstrating LJB’s Commitment to the Civil Engineering Profession


ASCE Dayton past presidents (from L-R): Paul Goodhue, Dan Hoying, Dave Armstrong

LJB has been committed to the civil engineering profession since the firm’s inception 50 years ago. As our staff members have immersed themselves in the industry over the years, we have seen value in networking among, sharing with, and learning from other professionals. And, we believe that leadership in our industry translates into greater knowledge and flexibility for the clients and communities we serve.

With this philosophy in mind, we have been committed to leadership within the Dayton section of the American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE). In fact, one-third of the group’s presidents from the past 50 years are current or former LJB employees. Most recently, three LJBers have served as consecutive past presidents of the organization.

  • Paul Goodhue, PE, PTOE – president 2013-2014
  • Dave Armstrong, PE – president 2014-2015
  • Dan Hoying, PE, PS, PMP – president 2015-2016

“Being involved with ASCE is an excellent way to network on a local level and recognize the impacts that engineers have made and continue to make for our communities,” Dave explained.

“Some of the most influential engineers in our area are past presidents of ASCE Dayton,” Dan Hoying said. “The three of us—and all of LJB—want to see continued growth and innovation for our communities, so we’re happy to do our part for the profession.”


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