LJB Celebrates 50 Years With Year of Service

Web header_50thIn 1966, LJB began as an engineering company fueled by integrity, quality and service. This year marks LJB’s 50th year in business. Throughout our 50-year history, we’ve held on to our three fundamental core values as consistent, guiding principles. They are not just mottos we tap into at work. We live them. Integrity defines us, quality distinguishes us and service fulfills us.

To mark our 50th year, we are kicking off a “Year of Service” campaign that focuses on our core value of service. We are going to celebrate with 50 acts of service spread throughout 2016. Photos of the campaign will be shared on social media with hashtags #ServiceFulfillsUs and #LJB50. The events will occur across a broad range of initiatives including 5k walk/runs, blood drives, and time and material donations.

One of the main goals of this campaign is to create shared experiences with our families, as well as our clients and partners. To accomplish this we will be sending out information and invitations for some of the service events throughout the year.

I am proud to say that service fulfills our employees every day, and I am excited to see the impacts we have with our special year of service this year. I hope you will join us as we serve our communities.


  1. Jeff Griffin, Ph.D., P.E., P.M.P. says:

    It is a blessing and an honor to work with the great people at LJB.

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