When “On-Call” Means Right Now

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Falcone, LJB structural engineer on-site.

It’s been said that timing is everything. This is especially true for project managers of general engineering contracts. Typically, these contracts involve providing guidance on engineering projects to city officials but occasionally it involves providing immediate responses to unexpected situations.
This was the case on December 12 when in the City of Riverside, Ohio, an impaired driver lost control of his car and drove directly into the kitchen area of a residential home. The first responders believed that the wall the car struck was load bearing, and if removed, the entire roof would collapse.

City officials contacted LJB, who has provided general engineering services for the city since 2009. Within 15 minutes of receiving the call, an LJB structural engineer was on the scene to inspect the wall and determine the best way to remove the car.

As recommended by the engineer, a restoration company was called to install a shoring beam and jack post to support the roof trusses. Afterwards, the car was safely extracted from the house with a tow truck.

“LJB delivers responsiveness that matches the situation,” said Dan Hoying, LJB project manager. “Not every situation calls for us to drop everything and be on site in 15 minutes. But when it does, our ability to do that has a meaningful impact on our client’s lives and those of the people they serve.”

The LJB team has a history of delivering prompt responses in unusual circumstances for the city. Previously, the team responded the same day to inform the design for a signal pole relocation, after the pole was struck and presented potential safety risk to the community.

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