Tilt-Up Concrete Used for Hurricane Sandy Memorial Pavilion

IMG_0952As part of each Tilt-Up Concrete Association convention, the organization works to give back to the host community in some way. This year’s event was held in New Brunswick, NJ from September 29-October 1 and included the creation of a 100% donated Hurricane Sandy Memorial Pavilion in the nearby small town of Highlands, New Jersey.

In October of 2012, Hurricane Sandy, at times a Category 3 hurricane, swept Greater Antilles, Bahamas, Bermuda, most of the eastern United States and eastern Canada. In the United States alone, Hurricane Sandy was responsible for 157 deaths and $71.4 billion in damages.

For the memorial project, Fred Anton from A.H. Harris facilitated communication with borough administrators, renowned design firm Tod Williams-Billie Tsien of New York City served as the architects, and Alston Construction of Edison, NJ served as the contractor. LJB, who had an existing tilt-up project in the area survive the hurricane unscathed, provided structural engineering services.

IMG_0958“It is exciting to see the creativity the entire design team has brought to this project, especially the combination of surfaces (flat bottom, sloped top, and the varying surface of the oculi) that comprise the site-cast tilt-up roof panel,” said David Tomasula, managing principal with LJB Inc. “With the durability that building owners recognize in tilt-up concrete, this memorial will be a permanent reminder of the perseverance following Sandy.”

On September 29 during the conference, the structure was erected. It is made up of four wall panels and one very large roof panel weighing 340,000 lbs. On October 1, the TCA Convention included a bus trip to see the progress on the memorial.

In the near future, the concrete will be polished and patched to achieve the desired aesthetics.

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