Join in LJB’s National Public Works Week Campaign

05One thing we’ve learned in 40 years of supporting public works organizations is that they are often unnoticed unless something goes wrong. Still, they work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for the communities they serve. We want to celebrate these unsung heroes by highlighting all the good they are doing to make our communities run smoothly. To that end, LJB is hosting a social media campaign next week to celebrate National Public Works Week, which is May 17-23 this year.

Since 1960, the American Public Works Association has sponsored National Public Works Week each year as a specific time to energize and educate the public on the importance of the contribution of public works to their daily lives: planning, building, managing and operating the heart of our local communities and improving quality of life.

This year LJB is using social media to help educate the public on everything that public works encompasses. Many people only think about potholes and traffic jams when they think of public works, but they may not think about parks, bikeways, clean water and traffic that flows smoothly. So we are starting a campaign called “Public Works is…” that will involve sharing photos of some of these things from the communities LJB serves.

twitterLJB needs your help to make this campaign a success. We encourage our clients, business associates and employees that use Twitter to join in and share photos of all ways that public works supports and positively affects your communities.

During the week of May 17-23, please share something using the hashtags #NPWW and #PublicWorksIs. Don’t forget to follow our Twitter page for updates!

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