LJB Expands Business in North Carolina

Leadership_OutsideFor nearly 50 years, LJB has provided design and consulting expertise to improve the infrastructure of Ohio’s communities and the roadways that connect them. To provide these services to growing regions in the Carolinas, LJB has recently formed a partnership with ZAPATA Incorporated, an architecture and engineering firm headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The partnership, ZAPATA-LJB, PLLC, was formed primarily to pursue state transportation and municipal public works contracts in North Carolina. Due to a sustained period of substantial growth, the region is challenged to keep up with increasing demands on the area’s infrastructure.

The two companies have collaborated for four years on federal projects. The new partnership will leverage LJB’s experience in transportation and public works and ZAPATA’s connections and experience in the North Carolina market.

“Both of our firms have similar engineering and architectural capabilities and backgrounds, however our particular technical strengths are diverse and complementary,” said ZAPATA Vice President of Strategy & Planning, Marty Ray, “In this regard, we are both committed to supporting each other’s growth and leveraging the diverse talents of our companies to provide additional value to our clients.”

The partnership is part of LJB’s strategy to grow a national presence. The company opened an office in Houston in September 2014 and is finalizing plans to open another location in North Carolina in early 2015.

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