Pre-TAR Training: Reducing Fall Risk During Turnarounds

PiperackTurnarounds are both critical and dangerous to the petrochemical and refining industries. There are typically thousands of contractors on site over a 30- to 60-day period – many of whom are unfamiliar with the site. With the increase in personnel and the number of tasks being completed during these maintenance events, it’s not surprising that injuries and accidents often occur during turnarounds.

In collaboration with one of the largest oil refining companies in the United States, LJB has developed a unique pre-turnaround fall protection training course. The LJB course, which focuses solely on reducing risk from fall incidents, differs from typical safety courses because the content is concise and tailored to the client’s site and key issues. With its focused nature, this course is intended to be delivered within days of a turnaround, keeping key issues “top of mind” when the turnaround begins.

Course content includes:

>   Critical fall protection information related to:

    • Safe anchorages: strength and location
    • PPE use vs. misuse
    • Damaged/deteriorated PPE
    • Ladders and scaffolding
    • Barricades and covers

>   Site-specific information

    • Turnaround focus areas
    • Areas of concern/high-risk items from previous turnarounds
    • Policies/procedures related to fall protection

More information on this training, including cost and logistics, is available here.

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