LJB Engineer Earns Ohio’s First Greenroads STP Certification

resume_JWBAs sustainability continues to become more critical for infrastructure projects, LJB is poised to assist clients in achieving their community’s goals to use roadway projects to improve the triple bottom line of social, economic and environmental impacts. Jake Barbour, a project manager in LJB’s Cleveland office, recently became the first person in Ohio to receive Greenroads Sustainable Transportation Professional (STP) certification. The certification is granted to professionals who have proven a comprehensive understanding of sustainable transportation.

Greenroads is a collection of research-based sustainability best practices that apply to roadways. Greenroads was recently recognized by the White House as a Champion of Change.

Mr. Barbour, who has been a member of the LJB team since 2008, is also an Envision Sustainability Professional—a designation given by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure. He recently participated in a Greenroads Boot Camp that LJB hosted and subsequently passed the STP certification exam. The exam covers competency in five core areas:

  1. Environment and Water
  2. Access and Livability
  3. Materials and Design
  4. Construction Activities
  5. Utilities and Controls

Mr. Barbour is currently one of 133 professionals to earn the certification worldwide.


  1. Congratulations Jake

  2. Good Stuff Jake, Congrats, Larry

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