What is a Competent Person in Fall Protection?

fall protection training

“Being a Competent Person is not a title, it is a responsibility.” This reminder, which one of our clients sent to his team of Competent Persons, is reminiscent of the famous quote: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Competent persons may not hold power in a traditional sense, but applying their knowledge can mean the difference between life and death for workers at height.

When you think of it that way, it’s clear how much responsibility a Competent Person has. Can the people with the Competent Person title in your organization live up to that responsibility? If not, consider investing in training or re-training.

The ANSI Z359.2 standard includes a list of 15 specific duties that a Competent Person should be able to perform (see Section 3.2.4). We built our Competent Person fall protection training course to make sure our trainees leave with the appropriate ability. Still, some training organizations claim they can train Competent Persons in a 4-hour class.

Before investing in training your personnel, think about the responsibility that comes with a Competent Person designation. Make sure you’re doing more than checking a box and handing out a title.

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