A Renewed Focus on Window Cleaning Safety

Window CleaningNew acronym, same goal – to increase safety for window cleaning procedures. It’s one of the most common, yet most challenging aspects of fall protection – since responsibilities lie with both the building owner and the cleaning contractor.

What was once referred to as the IWCA I-14.1 committee on window cleaning safety has now been reconstituted as the I14 Accredited Standards Committee (ASC I14) Window Cleaning Safety Committee, with the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) acting as the Secretariat for the standard. The IWCA standard was withdrawn in 2012 due to concerns with load testing requirements.

In my mind, the semantics aren’t important. What’s important is that the new ASC I14 Committee is identifying accepted safe practices for window cleaning. The purpose of the standard is to provide safety to window cleaners and passersby, by specifying equipment with practical, adequate safety features and requiring the safe use, design and maintenance of the equipment.

LJB’s Rupert Noton is serving on the committee, bringing nearly 15 years of fall protection experience to the group. He will contribute his design and load testing technical expertise, and he will be able to share the latest developments to the standard with our clients who need to understand window cleaning safety best practices.

While the committee and standard are being reconstituted, please contact Rupert with any questions about window cleaning fall protection safety.

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