LJB’s Core Values in Practice

Penny Wars  (2)

The Penny Wars competition proved to be an effective fundraising technique.

LJB’s core values are listed in a variety of places—on the doors to our building, on our business cards and on our website—as a reminder of why we do what we do every day.

These reminders reinforce that “Integrity defines us. Quality distinguishes us. And, Service fulfills us.” During the last several months, this last value has been showcased in a big way for a great cause.

For the past 13 years, LJB has participated in the Dayton-area Battle of the Businesses competition to help raise money for the Special Olympics. Battle of the Businesses is a week-long competition where LJB’s team competes against other companies in the region in a variety of sporting events, including miniature golf, volleyball and bowling.

Due to some new, creative fundraising ideas, LJB was able to raise almost three times its previous totals, contributing nearly $4,000 to the Special Olympics. The most successful fundraiser was the “Penny Wars,” which pitted areas of the company against each other.

LJB finished 16th in the competition overall and 2nd in our division. Our team recorded the fastest time in the Team Ski event, and we were part of an epic Tug-of-War battle, which led us to a fourth-place finish in that event.

LJB Tug of War Team

LJB’s Tug of War team prepares for its turn during the Dayton Battle of the Businesses.

More than 20 employees participated in at least one of the 11 competitions. Although the competitive nature of the sporting events is fun, this is what one LJBer had to say about the program. “It doesn’t matter how well we do in the competition. We already completed the most important goal. We raised the money and we’re giving our time to support the cause.”

In total, the Dayton Battle of the Businesses raised more than $87,000 for the Special Olympics this year.

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