Safety Studies, Solutions Contribute to Fewer Roadway Fatalities

SafetyStudy_TrafficThe Ohio Department of Transportation recorded fewer than 1,000 fatalities on Ohio roadways in 2013—the lowest number since recordkeeping started in 1936. While improved vehicle technology certainly contributes to this trend, ODOT’s commitment to conducting safety studies and implementing countermeasures is a significant factor in the decline of fatalities.

LJB is proud to have played a role in improving the safety of Ohio roadways. Over a 10-year period, ODOT’s Office of Planning hired LJB to conduct a series of safety studies at safety “hot spots” across the state. In 2012, LJB performed more than 20 safety studies for eight ODOT Districts, analyzing specific locations that ranked high in frequency or severity of safety incidents.

Since each study location presented different challenges, LJB developed diverse countermeasures and unique solutions that were specific to each site. The recommended countermeasures for each location included short-term solutions—such as signs and pavement markings—as well as long-term solutions—including complete reconstruction.

ODOT and LJB were recognized with an Honor Award by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Ohio (ACEC) for our 2012 safety study work. Although the recognition is appreciated, the true reward comes when our studies lead to funding and implementation of countermeasures that improve safety and reduce fatalities on roadways throughout Ohio.

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