LJB Recognized Again as a “Best Place to Work”

Best Places to Work“I wake up every morning excited to go to work at LJB.”

This is just one of the many positive employee comments that led LJB to be selected as a Best Place to Work in Dayton.  LJB received one of the top 25 honors out of 163 companies nominated by their employees.


LJB’s group at the 2014 Best Places to Work banquet

Earlier this year, our staff participated in a workplace survey sponsored by the Dayton Business Journal. The Best Places to Work awards program solicits confidential feedback from staff and then recognizes employee engagement and satisfaction at local workplaces.

LJB has instituted several changes based on feedback from similar surveys taken during the past few years. These changes, as well as the overall culture of the company, were noted as high points in the employee feedback this year.

Here are some of the things our employees are saying about what makes LJB a great place to work:

“I feel that the leaders of LJB are always willing to take whatever time is necessary to openly communicate with all employees.”

“There is a very high level of integrity at LJB.”

“All significant decisions the leaders make take the employees into account.”

“We see our employees as people first, before we see them as a resource to create a work product.”

“LJB always makes a significant effort to improve the professional circumstances of its employees—from providing training and development opportunities to assigning challenging and meaningful work. This is all done within the context of a balanced life that includes family, faith, outside interests and community service.”

Click here to learn more about what makes LJB a great place to work.

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