LJB plans impactful Earth Day events

EarthWhen LJB plans and executes environmental services for our clients, we continually challenge ourselves by asking, “What are we doing to protect the environment for future generations?” This month, in addition to protecting the environment through client projects, we’re also fulfilling that mission through Earth Day activities for our staff.

On Earth Day (Tuesday, April 22), LJB is hosting three distinct events to highlight different ways to protect Earth’s resources.

• Plant/bulb exchange – LJB’s Learning Center classroom space will be transformed into a venue for employees to share and exchange plants or bulbs from their home gardens.
• Magazine turn-in – employees will have the opportunity to recycle old or unwanted magazines, as well as receive help in transferring to electronic subscriptions for needed publications.
• Hunters of the Sky animal encounter – employees will learn about falcons, hawks and owls through an educational program with rescued birds presented by the Glen Helen Raptor Rescue Center.

Finally, LJB employees will have the opportunity to make an even larger impact on the environment by participating in a tree planting event over lunch on Friday, April 25. Our goal is to plant numerous trees near a local stream and bikepath. All planting volunteers will be rewarded with a free lunch from a local, green-friendly restaurant.

Not every LJB employee provides environmental services professionally, but through efforts like these we can all contribute to protecting our environment now and for generations to come.

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