LJBer Participates in Local Math and Science Career Day

mathandscience1Recently Centerville City School’s Driscoll Elementary hosted a Math and Science Career Day, welcoming more than 20 speakers who presented their careers using activities, videos, and slides. This event gave second through fifth grade students information about careers that involve math and science.

This year, LJB’s Dan Springer had the pleasure of speaking to the students. He found that the students were engaged and excited to learn about structural engineering as he showed them demonstrations and passed real bridge materials around the class.

mathandscience2He answered numerous questions from students. The students were curious about how long a bridge lasts, how many bridges are in the world, and what bridge is his favorite. For the record, Dan’s favorite bridge is the Toledo Skyway Bridge on Interstate 280 in Toledo, Ohio. This is because his graduate research at the University of Toledo involved developing ways to monitor the stay-cable vibrations.

Dan shared with me later that one second grade student told him, “Thank you. I never knew so much about bridges before this.” I hope this event inspires her to continue learning about bridges. Maybe one day she will become a bridge engineer.


  1. Brenda Sanderson says:

    Great article, I enjoyed reading it.

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