Innovative Traffic Signal Improves Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian and bicycle crashes represent 9 percent of the fatalities on Ohio’s roadways. This fact, coupled with a greater emphasis on alternative forms of transportation like walking, bicycling and transit use, has led communities to focus more than ever on providing safe infrastructure for all modes of travel. We are closer to achieving this goal thanks to new advancements in traffic control technology.

Ped Hybrid Beacon_1For example, when several unwarranted traffic signals were removed in downtown Delta, Ohio, the village was left with no signal controlled location for pedestrians to cross the street. The Village of Delta partnered with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to install a new traffic safety device known as a pedestrian hybrid beacon (PHB)—the first of its kind to be installed on the Ohio highway system.

The PHB was installed along with a marked crosswalk on Main Street (U.S. Route 20A) near the public library, village administration building and other local businesses. Activated by a pedestrian push-button, the PHB provides a red indication to motorists approaching the intersection. By alerting and controlling drivers with a beacon warning system, pedestrians can more safely and easily cross the street at the marked crosswalks.

Pedestrian Hybrid BeaconDuring the recent ribbon-cutting ceremony, a student from Delta Elementary School was the first to push the button to activate the crossing beacon. The event to unveil the new PHB attracted a wide array of residents, students, business owners, and public leaders offering support for the new traffic feature. LJB assisted ODOT and the village of Delta in providing outreach services to educate and inform the public on use of the new crossing device.

To learn more about the pedestrian hybrid beacon, please visit the Ohio Transportation YouTube page.

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