Tilt-Up vs. Precast Construction

While there are many similarities between precast concrete construction and tilt-up concrete construction, there are also many pointed differences.  Both methods provide the inherent strength and durability of concrete construction, but tilt-up delivers distinct advantages related to design, construction and life-cycle cost. When evaluating a new building, consider the following.

Tilt-Up Delivers…
Load-bearing panels Tilt-up wall panels are load-bearing, which eliminates perimeter columns and roof beams found in many precast buildings. The column-free walls save construction costs and provide greater flexibility for exterior openings.
Taller, wider panels Reduces number of panels to erect, as well as the number of panel-to-panel connections, saving costs and expediting construction.
Fewer panel joints Reduces opportunity for air and water infiltration, which translates to less overall maintenance during the life of the building.
On-site quality control Delivers greater uniformity of panel finish, including better alignment of reveal lines across panel joints and more consistent color and finish
Architectural flexibility Rather than using flat beds designed for repetitive production, concrete arrives in liquid form and can be placed into many shapes and sizes to deliver an owner or architect’s vision.
Accommodates design changes in the field Design changes can be made until the concrete is placed at the site, rather than being beholden to ordering and production schedules. This facilitates fast-track construction and earlier occupancy.
Faster shell completion Precast lead times range from 6-18 weeks, based on production capacity. Tilt-up panels can often be formed and erected before the first precast panel could arrive on site.
Superior thermal performance Tilt-up delivers continuous edge-to-edge insulation, which creates greater energy efficiency. This provides cost savings through smaller mechanicalunits and lower energy operating costs.


  1. This is a great outline of the differences between precast and tilt-up construction! I wasn’t sure of the advantages of tilt-up. I’ll keep this in mind in my construction, thank you!

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