Tilt-Up Reduces Total Cost of Building Ownership

tilt_upAlthough the building industry tends to focus heavily on initial costs of construction, those costs actually become insignificant in the grand scheme of long-term building ownership. Studies conducted by national research organizations have proven that the initial capital cost is only 10-15% of the total cost of building ownership. Energy, maintenance and alterations each have more than twice the impact on total cost.

The longer you own a building, the greater the impact of inefficient operating costs and ongoing maintenance concerns.  In many cases, these operating and maintenance issues are the result of decisions that were made early in the building process and were based solely on first cost. So, the best way to reduce total cost of building ownership is to incorporate operating efficiency and low-maintenance finishes into the design and construction of the building.

Many building owners have found that a decision to use the tilt-up building product delivers a lower total cost of building ownership by not only reducing initial capital costs but also decreasing ongoing energy and life-cycle maintenance costs.

In a recent article for Tilt-Up Today magazine, we included several case studies and resources that illustrate how tilt-up has helped building owners reduce capital costs, as well as energy and maintenance costs. The results of using tilt-up can be dramatic.

Just as Benjamin Franklin said: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  By using the tilt-up method, building owners can reduce their total cost of building ownership—starting with initial design and construction and extending into life-cycle costs of operation and maintenance.

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