Getting Started with Prevention through Design

Prevention through DesignWhen it comes to health and home maintenance, many professionals say that prevention is the best protection. The same rings true in the safety field, where preventing hazards is better than employing solutions to mitigate them.

In the safety industry this concept is called Prevention Through Design (PtD), where safety measures are addressed early in the design process. This practice has proven to decrease risk and save money—in the initial solutions, as well as by minimizing injuries, reducing claims, and decreasing lost production time.

But, even if you conceptually agree with PtD, how do you begin implementing it in your organization?  LJB recently co-presented on this topic at ASSE’s Safety 2013 and provided attendees with a recommended process and a tool to begin employing PtD within their organizations.

Just as I asked of our presentation attendees, I would also challenge you to take meaningful steps toward applying PtD within your organization.

  1. Formalize and communicate your PtD program (see ANSI Z590.3 for guidance)
  2. Identify 5 projects for applying PtD
  3. Become involved in at least 2

In my experience with PtD, the stories typically have happy endings—where organizations reduce their risk and save money.  We all love a happy ending, so please let me know about the positive results you see from your PtD efforts.

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