New Bike Path Fills Missing Link

MadRiverRibbon1The regional bikeway system in the Greater Dayton area is a popular outdoor destination, but had missing sections of bikeway that prevented riders from taking longer trips through the area. That is, until last week.

On Friday, Five Rivers MetroParks held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and group bike ride to commemorate the new Mad River Recreation Trail, which provides a critical link between the Creekside Recreation Trail at Huffman MetroPark and the Great Miami River Recreation Trail at Eastwood MetroPark.

The project, which was more than 10 years in the making, connects Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the U.S. Air Force Museum, and the Kauffman Avenue Bikeway, which extends to Wright State University and the city of Fairborn.

MadRiverRibbon2The new 3.6-mile bikeway segment that our team designed is also part of the multistate, 4,600-mile North Country/Buckeye Trail that continues past Fairborn to Springfield and beyond.

The new trail offers many spectacular views of the Mad River. Joe Zimmerman, project manager for Five Rivers MetroParks, said: “The pathway passes an area where we have seen bald eagles nesting, goes under a 1918 railroad tunnel and over the top of Huffman Dam.”

I encourage you to try the impressive bikeway network in Dayton, especially the new Mad River Recreation Trail. If you do, post comments about your experience here. We love to hear about how our projects impact the community.

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