The Battle of the Businesses Winner = The Special Olympics

fundraisingFor the past 12 years, LJB has participated in the Dayton Battle of the Businesses, an eight-day co-ed sports competition between more than 30 area companies. These sporting events develop good-natured rivalries and bragging rights among the companies, but the real goal is to raise money to support the Special Olympics of Greater Dayton.

The LJB battle team claimed the Division 4 title for the third year in a row. We also exceeded our company fundraising goal, and it appears that many other companies did too. On Saturday evening, the Dayton Battle organization presented the Special Olympics of Greater Dayton with a check for more than $85,000 – a new fundraising record for Battle.

VolleyballSome highlights of LJB’s Battle week include:

  • Finished 2nd overall in the obstacle course
  • Finished 4th overall in tug of war
  • Finished 5th overall in team ski
  • Finished 12th in overall competition
  • Finished 1st in Division 4
  • Exceeded fundraising goal by more than $200

For more pictures and information on the Battle of the Businesses and the Special Olympics, please visit the Dayton Battle Facebook Page.


  1. redeye1050 says:

    way 2 go LJB

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