LJB Selects New CEO

Rod SommerYesterday at the company’s annual meeting of shareholders, Rod Sommer was selected to serve as LJB’s new CEO.  Mark Thompson, who served LJB as president and CEO for the past 14 years, will be transitioning to a business advisor position with Aileron.

Fittingly, Mark’s transition was sparked by LJB’s commitment to community. All LJB employees are encouraged to use their skills to influence and strengthen the community. For years, Mark has lived out this core value by dedicating time and expertise to community organizations including the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and the Dayton Development Coalition. Through his position at Aileron, Mark will fulfill his growing passion to serve and advise business leaders on the implementation of professional management.

As a result of LJB’s work with Aileron, the firm currently enjoys a solid financial position, making now a very appropriate time to transition to a new CEO.  Rod Sommer has been with LJB for 13 years and most recently served as division manager for the firm’s Facilities division. Rod has more than 22 years of management experience in the engineering and architectural consulting industry. He is also an active community volunteer – having served as a trustee on more than a dozen non-profit boards.


  1. Dave Sullivan says:


    I just wanted to offer my congratulation to you as the new leader of LJB. The company remains in very capable hands. I wish you success.


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