LJB Toastmasters Club Celebrates Five Years

ToastmastersLogoAs it says on the wall of LJB’s Learning Center, “each employee is challenged to continually develop.”  By forming a Toastmasters club five years ago, LJB made a commitment to provide employees with an opportunity to practice and improve their communication and leadership skills.

The founder of Toastmasters, Dr. Ralph Smedley, said, “The Toastmasters club is a place for transformation, where people listen attentively, think clearly and speak fluently.”  We joined Toastmasters because we know that these skills are essential when working with our clients and peers to deliver the best solution for a project.

As LJB Toastmasters club president, it was a great honor for our club to be recognized by Toastmasters International for this milestone.  I am even more excited to report the individual achievements of our Toastmasters Club members.

  • 28 active club members, including 12 original charter members
  • 7 completed Competent Communicator awards, including 10 prepared speeches
  • 2 completed Competent Leadership awards, including 10 leadership projects
  • 19 have participated in all roles within a Toastmasters meeting

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