Award Proves Ohio Winters Are No Match for ODOT

ODOT_snowremovalIt’s nearly summer, and the last thing on our minds is whether snow and ice will affect our commute.  Even for the five or so months a year that snow is a possibility in Ohio, efficient snow and ice removal is a luxury most of us take for granted.

Fortunately, the hard work the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) put into combating snow and ice last winter was not ignored. ODOT was honored with the American Public Works Association’s (APWA) national award for Excellence in Snow and Ice Control for 2013.

ODOT is the only state department of transportation in the country to receive this distinguished honor, which promotes best practices in snow and ice removal, while minimizing environmental impacts.

The stats are impressive: ODOT’s winter program effectively addresses the need for snow and ice removal on 43,000 lane miles of highways, with 1,600 plow trucks, 3,000 employees, and 650,000 tons of salt stored at 200 locations around the state.

“Motorists are less tolerant of failure in snow and ice control than in any other highway function,” said ODOT Director Jerry Wray. “Unless a storm is handled capably by our maintenance forces, it can upset the daily routines of individuals, adversely affect business, and endanger public safety.”

As a regular partner with ODOT in providing quality transportation services throughout Ohio, we are happy to see their efforts acknowledged. So, next winter when the forecast calls for snow, remember that the motoring public is in good hands—Ohio officially has an award-winning program for snow and ice removal.

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