Near-Miss Reinforces LJB’s Core Purpose

1120_05LJB’s core purpose is to improve the quality of life. While I truly believe this focus on impacting our world drives our staff, it can also become somewhat abstract in the face of day-to-day work tasks. That is, until it gets personal.

LJB’s core purpose got personal for me when I learned about a close friend who escaped death, because he was properly using a fall protection system when he fell while working at a construction site. Although LJB didn’t design the system—or even provide training for his company—this incident reminded me that the fall protection work we do makes it possible for others to go home safely to their families.

My friend was working on structural steel at a construction site, approximately 20 feet off the ground.  Although he admitted that he often wore his harness but didn’t tie off to anything, he used his equipment properly that day and it saved his life.  While working, he had a seizure that caused him to fall from the steel. His fall protection system did what it was designed to do, and he was rescued safely by his co-workers.  He is now getting medical attention for the condition that caused the seizure, but he was not injured from the fall itself.

I would like to thank my colleagues who work so passionately to improve the quality of life by enhancing fall protection for our clients. The education, consultation and designs we provide each day are making a difference—by helping our clients provide a safe work environment for their personnel. I can’t imagine a better way to ensure quality of life than to help workers go home safely each night.


  1. Russell Duren says:

    Heck yeah! Coinciding with the beginning of my journey down the fall protection rabbit hole, a family member reached out for some anchorage advice. We backed up a couple steps, looked at the exposure from a Hierarchy perspective, and found a much less defeatable control for him to use. It sticks with me, because not everyone working at-height has a family member to call for their control selection. So if I can stand in the gap for a few of them and increase their odds of getting feet back on-grade unscathed, it’s a good day. Thanks for sharing, Kim.

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