“Give ‘em a Brake” – National Work Zone Awareness Week

RoadWorkAheadThe highway construction season is underway and April 15-19 is “National Work Zone Awareness Week” – a week focused on saving lives and preventing injuries in work zones. The week is sponsored by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), FHWA, and the American Traffic Safety Services Association and includes several public campaigns to raise awareness.

This year’s public service announcement video accentuates the campaign’s slogan of “We’re All In This Together” by showing motorists why it’s important to drive safely and responsibly through highway work zones.

Departments of Transportation across the country do all they can to ensure construction workers are safe while working. Motorists can do their part by driving the posted speed limit, staying alert and avoiding distractions in work zones – especially cell phone distractions.

At LJB, the safety of our employees when they are out in the field is critical. LJBers are required to wear proper safety vests and drive vehicles with appropriate safety lights. All employees that work in the field are required to take LJB’s “Traffic Work Zone Safety Procedures” training course through LJB University™, which is also offered to our clients.

The unfortunate fact is thousands of people nationwide – both motorists and construction workers – are injured or killed in construction work zone crashes. We encourage you to share this message with your co-workers, families and friends as a reminder that everyone needs to pay attention in work zones to help save lives.

For more information about what is being done to keep workers and motorists safe, visit: www.workzonesafety.org

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