Tilt-up Provides “Affordable Elegance” for Outpatient Facilities

5 radical trends in outpatient facility design

Photo: Justin Maconochie / Courtesy Integrated Architecture

In recent years, outpatient facility construction has grown significantly and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. A recent article in Building Design + Construction, “5 Radical Trends in Outpatient Facility Design,” takes a closer look at the changing dynamic of building for the healthcare market.

Delivering “affordable elegance” is one trend that I was particularly interested in. The article states what we’ve known for years – tilt-up construction can provide an appealing facility for patients and employees at a fraction of the cost of competing building systems.

A 60,000-square-foot healthcare facility in Seattle, Washington, built with tilt-up, is featured in the article. Tilt-up construction provided a cost savings of $160,000 compared to masonry construction. Not only was tilt-up more affordable, but it provided a higher quality building shell.

The experience in Seattle is really no surprise. LJB consistently recommends tilt-up concrete construction for healthcare facilities, and we have delivered the same affordable elegance on medical office buildings throughout the United States. Click on the photos below to learn about a few more affordably elegant medical facilities that LJB designed.


EMH Sheffield Medical Office


Defense Medical Logistics Center


Northern Ohio Medical Specialists


Pioneer Medical Office at Urban Plains

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