Proactive vs. Reactive Fall Protection Programs

proactiveIn a recent fall protection peer group session, we asked a question that received a surprisingly unanimous answer. When asked for the primary reason fall hazards get addressed, every participant said the same thing – when issues are brought forward by workers. We were surprised that every participating organization took such a reactive approach to fall protection.

Workers typically only bring forward fall hazards that directly affect them, and not all workers will bring this information forward—even if they recognize it.  Often, workers get so used to their environment that they don’t even see the fall hazards they face on a daily basis. While reacting to worker concerns is important, we recommend a much more proactive method for identifying and addressing fall hazards.

If you remain reactive, the next time you might not be reacting to a worker concern, you might be reacting to a worker injury from an unidentified hazard.  A proactive approach can identify these risks before they affect your workers.

To be more proactive, we recommend a site-wide risk assessment, which identifies all your fall hazards and helps establish priorities. If you have a comprehensive understanding of your fall hazard risk and abatement costs, you have a tremendous advantage.  You’ll get the best bang for your buck, be able to intelligently reduce risk and instill confidence in your workforce by systematically addressing fall hazard risk.

If you want to learn more about taking a proactive approach to fall hazards, check out our free presentation on fall hazard risk assessments.

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